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Important Links
Re: Eagle Date and Meeting

Re: Eagle Date and Meeting

Eagle Proposal
Eagle Date and Meeting
Fall Online Merit Badges

Reminder -that this is a new year so updated medical forms are required for all scouts and scouters

Covid update for activities transportation

These are profiles of the 6 female scouts from our council that made the inaugural class of Eagle Scouts this past week

Fwd: Summer 2021 - possible Wah-Tut-Ca Camping - latest news from council

Help test a new Digital MB App

Friends of Scouting donation page links - it is tax season

First Female Eagle Scouts - Article from today's Boston Globe

Feb 8th is BSA 111th birthday

Why scouts use the fleur-de-lis symbol

Uodated advancement rules due to Covid 19 - dated 1/5/21

Wah-Tut-Ca improvements this year

Time Magazine kid of the year want to solve the world's problems and she is a STEM scout

For anyone still looking for an Eagle project or wishes to see how your interests can turn into one

Just a reminder that we are allowed to use the pavilion at the Elks

This sounds liek it would be a great outdoor activity before any snow flies

Help the next generation of Arrowmen find Scouting - appears to be legit

Safe scouting checklist for in person activites - please read

Fwd: Partnership with MOOYAH - another possible fundraiser for an Eagle Project

Troop meetings will now be bi-weekly and back on Tuesday nights

Fwd: Den Chiefs for P54
Eagle Scout rank extension s due to Covid

Fwd: Life2EagleScout.pdf

Scout shares advice for completing Eagle Scout projects during COVID-19

8 Museums offering virtual tours and merit badge requirements completions

Lake swim - click the link to go to the page to participate or
donate to the summer camps fund raiser

Fwd: New Program Offerings

WTC 2020 opening campfire - even though we cannot be there

BSA postpones 2021 National Jamboree because of COVID-19 pandemic

Recommendations to National - this should be read by parents/leaders especially

Fwd: Re: Committee Meeting Minutes July 8 th, 2020 in the time of covid 19

New cabin at Wah-Tut-Ca

Not sure if everyone saw this - Jaws turns 45 & the scouting connection

Elks and picnic pavilion - latest news

Safety tips for re-opening under Covid19

Fwd: Re: Minuteman - Marlies Henderson thank you

With no Summeer Camp this year, here is some history about Hanuna

Article about Jones Rorest sign replacement from this week's Billerica Minuteman attached

Minutes for last Tuesday's scout meeting

Eagle project
Cyber Card course - free

This week's Speaker and Online Merit Badges

Latest Covid-19 facts from BSA national as of 05/14/2020

BSA Rank Advancement changes and links for Eagle Extensions Power Point presentation

2020 Medical Form and EPi Release

Summer Camp changes and Base Camp suggestions

Cyber Card
Virtual Program ideas for Patrols and Troops

Photo attached from Nick G's Life Rank Service Project

Digital Merit Badge List
Re: 05/13/2020 Committee Meeting Minutes

05/13/2020 committee meeting minutes

To print out your Membership Card, follow directions on screen shots below

Life to Eagle presentation - Sunday 7 PM Zoom meeting - steps and processes to complete Eagle

Fwd: Scoutmaster Minute for quarentine - as promised at Committee Meeting tonight

Cyber Chip card attached, Word document

Some changes for Order of The Arrow requirements

This week's Speaker and Online Merit Badges

Eagle Extensions - More Info

Eagle Scout Certificates and Extensions

Some good tips: digital safety online for scouting &n reminder that I am still waiting for some to fill out form attached

Just a reminder that Scouting for Food can be a service project

Check this out: Scout camping at home

Re: Weird scam email came to me last night

Weird scam email came to me last night

Fwd: A Message from the CEO

A note about water being turned on at Wah-Tut-Ca from Mr. Lobao

Friends of Scouting Annual Appeal

Congratulate Connor R. on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout

Re: Latest Rank Advancement & Merit Badge requirement changes

Latest Rank Advancement & Merit Badge requirement changes

Re: Cyber Chip from - please fill out, scan and return

Virus lifespan - no wonder so many first responders are getting sick, see last item, per British Medical lancet magazinearticle

Some at home resources for Scouting

2 websites to check out - one is games, one is education as well as items of interest and games

Cyber Chip From - please fill out, scan and return

Powerpoint presentation for the latest rules on Merit Badges, Ranks and Eagle Service Project Extensions

Eagle Service Project Rank Extensions - send to Advancement Chair

Eagle Service Project Extension info

It's that time of year again, please download this, sign it, scan it or take a picture, then email it back - Cyberchip

Eagle Service Project & Rank extensions due to virus notes

Came just now: WW Troop Advancement Items - Eagle Scout

Fwd: FW: Summer Camp - Coronavirus Guidance

Re: Fwd: West Wind District Corona Virus Update - what is permissable if want to

Fwd: West Wind District Corona Virus Update - what is permissable if want to

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