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>With no Summeer Camp this year, here is some history about Hanuna

Brian Lobao

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Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation

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Daily News From The Little Turtle
By name Christened Hanuna is the newest campsite at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. It was built in 1975 and opened in 1976. (Some may argue that the Pawtucket Campsite is newer- but they would be wrong as Pawtucket was a campsite for decades. It closed in 1970 but was re-opened in 2012).
Hanuna was originally half of two camp sites. The other was Bashaba. By the mid 1970s many Troop sizes began to shrink. It was becoming more common for Troops with less than 10 Scouts to come to WTCSR. These campsites were created for “small troops”. Each site could be used by two different Troops sharing a latrine.
In a few years Hanuna and Bashaba would be combined as one site. By the mid 1980s most of the campsites were shared by multiple troops. The campsite became Hanuna and the road was named Bashaba Road.
By the fortune of not dying and never quite getting over the Wah-Tut-Ca experience I have witnessed over 50 years of history. I have also been a “go to guy” to name things and with regards to Vigil Honor Members, people.
Hanuna and Bashaba are the first names I ever came up with for places at WTCSR. Alexander A. Vervaert and Blake Watson tasked me with coming up with a name for the sites. Alex told me that it had to be an American Indian name. I guess that I was asked because of my association with the Order Of The Arrow. I was a two-term Lodge Chief, an OA Ceremonialist, and a member of Wannalancit Lodge’s Dance Team.
As a boy I was always interested in native culture. Growing up TV was loaded with “Westerns”. When we played “Cowboy and Indian” I always had to be “The Indian”. As a Scout I was always making “Ben Hunt Crafts”. Through my association with the OA I became more educated in “American Indian” arts and history.
At the time I came up with names I was reading, “Black Elk Speaks” reportingly a translation of an Oglala Lakota medicine man. (There is some controversy regarding the accuracy of this translation). In the book I found the word Hanuna- which translates as, “Little Turtle”. Bashaba is an American Indian word that is a position like Chief, Sachem and Sagamore. A Bashaba is a “Chief of Chief’s. Chief Passaconway was a Bashaba for the Pennacook Nation.
It is a surprise to me how popular a site Hanuna is. One theory for this is that the site is closest to the Dining Hall. Access to coffee?

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Original email May 24, 2020
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