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Website & e-mail protocol and security

We realize that there may be some frustration with sending e-mail especially with attachments and having them hung up for moderator review or other reasons.
This issue however can't really go away since it is one of the two key things that keep our correspondence safe.

We do two basic things when it comes to e-mail

The system will not accept e-mail for distribution unless it comes from a pre-identified source.

Everyone in the Troop should have their usual e-mail address on file and this is why there is a periodic query sent out asking about updating your information.
You can have as many addresses as you commonly use and in some business e-mail applications we need to have both the incoming and outgoing addresses to get the system to work.

This feature keeps the hackers in Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. from jumping on to our email and possibly access to your computer.
This is happening now on a regular basis around 5 times a week and we have so far successfully avoided issues

Any e-mail with an attachment is screened to verify the attachment is not a virus or malware that has come in through a members e-mail account and been automatically e-mailed to everyone in their address book.
We have had e-mail from at least four troop members in the past, some more than once, that was sent without their knowledge by their infected computer.
Fortunately we identified the issue by this screening and avoided any problems.
We feel it is very important to keep this security in place particularly on a site and with e-mail that is used by minors.
However there are some workarounds to get your communications out without delay.
Please be sure that your current e-mail address is on file.
If you commonly use different computers and addresses to send e-mail you can have them all on file so that your sent mail can be received and pick an address for the system to send to you.
Don’t do attachments unless the subject matter can wait for moderator review.
For relatively small items you might normally do an attachment for, cut and paste the information directly into the body of the e-mail.
For larger attachments, especially those with graphics, and that originate from another web site put the URL in the body of the e-mail and recipients can use it to view the information.
Some of you already have used this method effectively.
If you have questions on any of this please contact me.

Thanks, Mark Carson

Original email March 8, 2016
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