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Very important, requires responses, please read - corrections to TLC notes for future meetings & events

Only 12 scouts attended this week's meeting and last week's TLC (at least 3 scouts who attended last week were not there tonight and you and your families missed a very pertinent presentation)

10/14/17 - Warren Manning Park Haunted Happening - 5:30 - 9:00 pm, zombie volunteers needed, good for community service hours required for rank advancement, see separate email (I know of only two scouts who are volunteering their time for this, anyone else, please respond)

10/17/17 - pumpkin carving with cub scout invitees, hopefully

24/17 - troop Halloween costume party at Bright view (more info soon)

10/30/17 - kickboxing lessons/demo (off site) (need an adult and older scout to volunteer to co-ordinate this, Mr. Williams, please provide name and contact info for this)

10/31/17 - Halloween, no troop meeting

11/02/17 & 12/07/07 - Den Chief Training course will be held in two session during the November 2nd and December 7th Roundtable meetings. A scout will need to attend both sessions to be trained. To register for this training please contact either Peter Ralbovsky at or Jon Dixon at

11/4/17 - There will be a Den Chief Training held on Nov 4 from 9 – noon at Trinity Lutheran Church, 170 Old Westford Rd, Chelmsford. The newly trained youth will be invited to stay for the afternoon to practice their new skills at the Chelmsford Satellite Base Camp held at that same location. To register for this training please contact either Peter Ralbovsky at or Jon Dixon at

11/04/17 - Leaders & senior scouts especially: AED/CPR certification training available at University of Scouting for $25 if pre-registered, 4 hour course, cost will include lunch and 2 other courses, see these links:

courses available -

registration -

11/06/17 - committee meeting at Larosa's

11/07/17 - TLC & what are the troop leadership position responsibilities (JLT course)

11/09/17 - MB at the Elks, Citizenship in the World, more info shortly)

11/10/17 - Veteran's house rake out (weather permitting)

11/11 - 11/12/17 - Veterans Day camp out (see separate email info on this, 4 scouts raised their hands for this tonight, once you see the separate email, please respond if you wish to attend, need to have an exact count by end of this week please) (possible weather reschedule date in AM for rake out)

11/14/17- troop leadership election prelims (JLT course), knots and lashings

11/21/17 - Thanksgiving decorations with Weblos

11/28/17 - TBD (probable elections for troop leadership positions& SPL cansdidate speeches)

12/05/17 - TLC & SPL election

12/07/17 - committee meeting at Larosa's

12/12/17 - Bingo/ cake at Bright view (more info to follow)

12/19/17 - Court of Honor and gift exchange

01/02/18 - TLC

01/09/18 - Building a snowman competition

01/16/18 - Fire building competition

01/23/18 - pulling gear for Klondike Derby & cold weather camping gear demo

01/26/18 - 01/27/18 - Klondike Derby ( winter camp out)

01/30/18 - TBD (escape room or bowling?)

at some point we hope to do a cub scout muster with the packs in town and possibly the the other troops

also Ms Larosa may do another popcorn/jerky selling event for 10/141/17 or 10/21/17

based upon tonight's meeting, is there any interest in anyone getting their amateur radio license, cost is only $14, good for 10 years, test is only 30 multiple cjhoice questions, please let me know and I can set it up

Ted Wicks, SM & UC T30, UC 4371

Original email October 10, 2017
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