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To print out your Membership Card, follow directions on screen shots below

I will also print out all of them to hand out the next time we can meet
Ted Wicks T30 SM


On a good note, I think each person can print their own card.

Go to the main Menu, select My Profile.

Under that screen, look for the mini member ID card as highlighted on this screen shot. It will open the pop up window as shown in my case to select a position to print a member ID card for. NOTICE: The primary position is already checked off.

This brings me to the following screen: It makes me think that this could be done for a whole unit possibly be the key 3 of that unit so you as a SM might have more ability than me.

I used the EXPORT TO PDF button to get this PDF I can print for MY card.

So if any one needs to print their own cards (considering we are not meeting and you can not thus hand them all out to the scouts or adults of the unit), this method should work for any adult. Possibly it will work for scouts as well, but I can not test that.

I tagged Marian to see if there is a way the whole unit can be done by the Key 3 of the unit.

Tom Kubik

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Original email May 15, 2020
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