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Hello All,

After being Scout Master, Cub Master, Den Father(some several times) for the past 13 years, I unfortunately can’t commit the time needed for the Troop to continue as Scout Master. I have seen many kids advance, grow and even become Eagle over the years. It has been awesome!!!!

I am not going away, or dying, I just have to focus on my job for a while which requires Tuesday nights. I will be there when possible and still help out whenever I can, but have to pay my bills too.

Please continue to attend meetings and have fun. We really need some crossover scouts and parents to keep Troop 30 alive and kicking. Attached is a sheet you can print and pass around town, hang at Market Baskets, Post Office, Library, bring to Webelo meetings, etc.

Next Tuesday is a TLC. I will be there to solidify meeting through January. A new email will go out next Wednesday with the changes. I know the Elks was busy so our COH dates will change and Oct.10th kick box has been postponed. Please come Tuesday with your meeting ideas.(and deposit cans).Full class A with proper patches on it.

Original email September 28, 2017
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