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Matt and his mom are supposed to be checking out the pathways for the hike today and also hopefully what the rules are for the parking lot during snow storms, we may have to postpone, will let all know after I hear from Matt.

We'll need to keep an eye on the weather. 3"-5" expected, The heaviest snow will fall from late Sunday morning into Sunday afternoon.. not a big deal for hiking, but could make Carlisle roads slippy.

Please note the winter trail restrictions on the map below. (Ski center may have updates)

A few words on winter hiking preparedness:

• Footwear with warmth and off-pavement traction. Sneakers are not
• Hat and mittens or gloves
• Cotton is useless for warmth when damp (from sweat, rain or snowmelt) That includes socks and pants.
• A coat or preferably sheddable layers, like fleece jacket under parka
• Thermies if needed
• Water and a snack
• A pack to carry what you're not wearing
• Printed map
• Compass/whistle/flashlight
• If you're planning on relying on your cellphone as backup, make sure it's fully charged. Batteries go flat fast in the cold.
• Troop-wise, a first aid kit and reflective blanket aren't a bad idea.
While this more of a local amble than deep woods travel, it's more fun if you're comfortable and not needing to ask the Girl Scouts for directions. (Deep woods gets you into the "pack as if you had to survive the night" territory.)

Original email Feberuary 6, 2021
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