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FYI: Crossover Guide: From Arrow of Light to Scouts

pretty good info - hopefully we will get some cross overs this year

Hello ,

It's that time of year when many Arrow of Light Scouts are crossing over from Cub Scout Packs into Troops.
Initial connections with these Scouts and families are essential for recruitment as well as engagement once they are in the troop.
This Crossover Guide can assist leaders in these efforts by offering suggestions on how to help transition Arrow of Light Scouts and can serve as a checklist of steps to take.

Be sure to share this Crossover Guide with your troop committee, pack leaders and others involved in the process. Thanks to our Council's Membership Committee for putting this guide together for our leaders.

Note: Although this guide begins in August, leaders can still make sure that they are taking the steps listed for February to engage the new Scouts and then begin the cycle in April with the Webelos visitation.

Yours In Scouting,

Spirit of Adventure Council Membership Committee

(See original email for more information.)

Original email February 13, 2019
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