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Fwd: Summer Camp Registrations - THE DEADLINES

Hello all!

Over the next few weeks we will be sending out informative (nagging) emails about all the things we need to get done before Troop Week Summer 2020.

Todays topic – The Deadlines!

Here’s the list of important dates and what they mean to you and your Troop……

February 2020

Online Registration opens. (This happened already! Woo!)

April 1st - $50 deposit per Scout is due.
This means that between now and April 1st you should be creating a registration for your Troop that has (at minimum), the Scout names. Bonus points if you include adult names too.
On April 1st you will be locked into paying $50 per Scout on your registration. If one Scout backs out but another joins, this deposit can transfer. If a Scout backs out and no replacement is found, this $50 is forfeited.

May 1st – Camperships.

If a Scout from your Troop wishes to apply for a Campership to subsidize the cost of their week at Camp, they must do so before May 1st. Applications must be done by the individual family, and will be considered on a case by case basis.
It is STRONGLY recommended that Camperships are applied for ASAP – money is assigned on a first come, first served basis. This is a FINAL deadline, not a recommended due-date.
All Camperships will be processed and discounted from the Troop balance before May 31st.

May 31st – Full payments for Scouts due.
This essentially means four things…

• If your Scouts have Adventure Cards and I need to edit your Troop registration to discount your balance, the last date I will do this is May 31st.
Just to be SUPER CLEAR, this means if you don’t get around to buy Adventure Cards till June 1st, there will be no discount applied. So, lets not do that.
• Any Scouts in the registration system, but not paid for in full – will automatically incur a $95 late fee. This is regardless of their adventure card status.

• Any Scout added to your registration after May 31st will be charged an additional $95 when they register – UNLESS they are new to Scouting, or a crossover from a Pack to the Troop.

• Once full payment is made for a Scout – refunds will only be issued for documented medical or family emergencies. The initial $50 deposit will never be refunded.
A MINIMUM of 4 weeks prior to YOUR week at Camp -
Adults must have been added to your registration.

We require a minimum of 2 adults over the age of 21 at Camp with your Unit the entire week.
If you have female Scouts, at least one of these leaders must be female.
All adults staying overnight (even 1 night) must be registered with the Scouts.
This means they have completed a CORI, YPT, disclosure forms and every other fun thing that goes along with being a registered adult member of Scouts BSA.

A MINIMUM of 2 weeks prior to YOUR week at Camp -
Your Health form packet is due.
Note the word minimum.
Note how I wrote it in big letters.

You can actually hand it in EARLIER than that … we’re
*almost* certain the Universe won’t implode.
EVERY Scout and EVERY Adult either staying overnight (even 1 night) or participating in any events/activities at camp – must fill out a health form.

If you have any questions – please ask!

To those who registered already – gold stars for you. Thank you!!

Jenny Trickett

(See original email for more information.)

Original email March 4, 2020
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