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Fwd: Popcorn News - if anyone is willing - chance for prizes if you sell 1000 dollars worth

Hello Scouts & Scouters,

We have already selected two hard working popcorn sellers, and have given out a canoe and a camping package. This Friday we will announce the next contest. For anyone who sells $1000 in popcorn, your name is entered. If you sell $3000 in popcorn, you will get 3 chances entered; so the more you sell, the more chances you will have. The contest will run through, Monday, December 7th.

We understand that this fall is not your normal fall, and that everyone is far behind on their typical fall routine. If you are in that crowd that usually sells popcorn, but the fall restart changed your plans, it's not too late!!

All sales prizes and commissions have been extended to 12/31/2020!!

This year, the new Online Direct Ship has been a tremendous success! Orders are placed online with the Trails-End app, and the popcorn is delivered directly to the customer. That's right, no stockpiling popcorn in your living room or dining room, or making multiple trips to houses to try to make the deliveries. This can be done via emails to friends and families, or even going door to door.

If you would like to do a Show & Sell Sale, we do have some product available to be checked out on consignment. Contact Mariama at to make any sales arrangements.

Original email November 17, 2020
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