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Fw: Winter Program/ all year program

Hello SPL Derek and all scouts,

Attached is something I think we should take advantage of. Please look through what they have and bring what you liked to your patrol leaders, who will bring it up at the next tlc. Let's think ahead for the whole year so we can book some trips before they sell out. It is nice and close so even a day trip with siblings and family sounds fun and cheap . I would like to try ice climbing or snurfing for a day, if not a weekend.........

Remember, to count as a camping night, it has to be in a tent, not cabin..

Base Camp Easy 2 [.PDF File]
[.JPG file]
Ice Clinb Orley
[.JPG File]
Pool 3
[.JPG File]
[.JPG File]
[.JPG File]
[.DOCX File]
Eagen Center
[.JPG File]
Karl Copy
[.JPG File]
[.JPG File]
Snow Shelter
[.JPG File]

(See original email for more information from Heather Sheehan.)

Original email December 3, 2015
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