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District Eagle Application Process Changes

Eagle Application Process Changes

Effective January, 2016 the procedure for submitting an Eagle Rank Application and requesting a board of review will be changing. Once the requirements for Eagle Rank have been completed the Eagle Candidate should submit their Eagle Rank Application to the West Wind District Advancement Chair. Applications should no longer be submitted to the council office for verification.

Scouts can submit an application prior to (7:00 PM – 7:30 PM) the West Wind Roundtable held on the first Thursday of the month at the LDS Church on Concord Road in Billerica, or during (7:15 PM – 7:45 PM) the monthly Eagle Boards of Review held on the third Thursday of the month at the LDS Church on Concord Road in Billerica. Before submitting their application the Eagle Candidate should send email to Jim Shea ( to insure availability. Additionally, Eagle Candidates requiring an alternate time to submit their application should contact Jim Shea (

To submit their application, the Eagle Candidate must provide the following:

• Completed Eagle Application including signatures of scout, the unit leader and the committee chair;
• The Eagle Candidate’s statement of ambitions and life purpose (Eagle Rank Application Requirement #7);
• Completed Eagle Scout Project Workbook including all signature pages;
• Scout’s Advancement Report from Internet Advancement;
• Ten (10) stamped envelopes (for references).

Once the application has been submitted and accepted as complete, the Advancement Committee will verify the application with the Council, will solicit the references for the scout, and notify the troop and scout when a Board of Review can be scheduled.

Upon completion of the Board of Review, the application will be submitted by the West Wind District Advancement Committee to the Council for processing. Additionally, the Council will mail the Eagle Rank Certificate and other paperwork to the Unit Leader upon receipt from national. The Troop will no longer be responsible for submitting the application to the Council after the Board of Review, or picking up the Eagle Rank Certificate from the Council.

Original email January 6, 2016
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