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April 6th Committee Meeting Minutes

virtual meeting, attendees were Bill Eggleston (meeting host), Mark Carson, Mark Beaudry, Randy Barton, Maureen La Rosa (committee chair), Cynthia Tobey, Matt T. (SPL) and Ted Wicks (SM). Mr. Fred Liberatore tried to join but had issues and never did get in.

The financial report for March 2020 was reviewed and accepted (see attached).

The state government is slated to remove the stay at home orders on May 4th so the next meeting is tentatively for May 6th, but depending on the pandemic actions taken by the government (especially if school is cancelled for the rest of the year or the stay at home dates are extended), this may change, probably into the last week of April.

below was the agenda, my comments will be in blue after each agenda item:

1. OA elections will be virtual
Matt T. will need to start setting up virtual troop meetings, this will be a first order of business
2. Eagle service projects extensions - and timeline -
6 months total (until 09/30/2020, council can approve), see powerpoint & info from previous emails
3. summer camp deadline extensions,
May 1st is latest deadline for $50 deposits, scheduled now for week 4, July 26 - August 1st, only 3 scouts so far plus Fred & I, maybe Dave Levenson but he is not sure, still have not heard from Giardinas, there may be further delays due to health concerns, number of weeks may be condensed so have reached out to T11 & T55, perhaps go together depending on number of scouts, have not heard back from T55, T11 is going to a camp inn Maine on week 3
4. troop recharter posted?
as of 4/10/20, still not posted by national (I gave charter to council back in early December, they got to it in mid March with 1 issue, resolved just before we all went into stay at home protocols), no word from council as to when or if they uploaded yet, luckily the new national software that all troops are using, scoutbook, allows us to keep up with advancements until the troop is posted but we have no insurance until then (not that that matters at the moment)
5. court of honor - do we have awards to give,
I do have eagle scout rank attainment paperwork for Evan K,. Mr. Randy Burton said he does have some awards for scouts, any scout may contact him directly if you expected something and would like it and he will arrangge to get it to you,
6. rank & MB requirements -
allowed adjustments (cannot be modified, but event and troop and patrol cancellations count towards participation for rank) - see previous power point
7. virtual meetings for troop
Matt T. is working on this, he may reach out to Mr. Eggleston, Mr. Burton or Mr. Beaudry for help with this, first one will be a TLC to review some of the topics above
8. Nick G. life project & replacement of Jones forest sign?
Have sent another email to him and his mom on this, suggesting that they can as a family complete this, posts are still there, just need to add a board withe words "Jones Forest" painted, carved or engraved on it, take pics of before and after, send to Mr. Burton and myself and he will be all set. They may need to wait due to all Billerica parks being closed or due to health concerns.
9. New England Base Camp has virtual programs including Merit Badge courses, speakers, lessons on you tube videos -
see previous emails and I have notes that I will present to the next TLC
10. two deep leadership required for scout master conferences which can be conducted virtually
I may need another scouter adult for this as Mr. Loeffler does not have video ability with his computer (may be able to use smartphone)
11. virtual outdoor hikes or museum tours are possibilities for troop meetings, outings to consider as participation for advancement
I previously sent the links for this and other online advancement and activity sites out via email, Matt will take the lead on this, another topic for TLC
12. Some of our scouters this year will need to retake their
youth protection training Unfortunately since the troop has not been posted nationally yet, I cannot see who needs this but any scouter with a registered membership number (on your BSA membership card or a previous log in) can go to log in and look under the training tab to see when theirs is due (mine is in September). In addition if Conner Rich wishes to participate in anything with the troop this summer he will need to take the training.
13. speaking of Connor R., his virtual eagle board of review is scheduled for April 16th
Mr. Jim Shea reached out the other day with the meetup link and invitations for his eagle BOR, not sure exactly who he sent this too but I responded that I would attend and received an invitation. Mr. Burton & Ms. La Rosa also responded that they would attend but I am not aware if they received an invitation.
spark plug award nominations are due to council on May 15th as the district dinner has been postponed from April 30th to TBD. The spark plug award is given to any scouter in the troop who has performed well above expectations for any reason. It can go to a scouter more than one time. I have received a nomination for one person in the troop from Ms. La Rosa, Ms. Tobey and Mr. Liberatore. I cannot say who as it is supposed to be a secret but I will accept other nominations just please let me know ASAP.

2020 March Troop 30 Financial Report
[.PDF File]

Original email April 11, 2020
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