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Application, CORI's, Youth Protection Training and SSN for anyone signing up to be a Merit Badge Counselor or Committee Member

Please note that I spoke to our district exec about the national application and the SSN requirement.

When filling out the application you are also filling out a national CORI check-up. The SSN is needed for that reason.

The other CORI form that is filled out for the council and filed with the application is the state CORI.

Please note that anyone planning on taking the merit badge counselor training on 04/11/17 during the scout meeting should have an application and a CORI filled out and should take the BSA level youth protection training. This also applies to anyone becoming a committee member.


national adult application -

state CORI -

youth protection -

create an account if not already a member, then on home page click on menu top left, then next page, click on my dashboard, top left, then you should be brought to training page, take first YPT course, print out completion receipt once done, make copies, keep one for yourself, one to present to merit badge counselor (or show), one for troop's advancement chair (Mr. Burns, Mr. Burton, Ms. Rich or myself).

Original email April 3, 2017
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