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05/13/2020 Committee Meeting Minutes

We met using Mr. Tice's invite for a meeting using blue jean (see previous email from Ray Tice), a virtual meeting app.

Attendees were Ray Tice, Maureen LaRosa, Randy Burton, Mark Carson, Joe L., Matt T., Cynthia Tobey, Gina Williams, Bill Eggleston, Robin Krysinski & Edward (Evan) Krysinski (I hope I am spelling that right).
My comments on each agenda item will be below in bold blue. I will separately send out some ot he shared screen signs that were presented about some of the items below.

1. Joe L. will present his eagle project right after we first meet
Project presented by Joe & will be 8 or more bat boxes made to be installed around a pond at his school. He plans to create an instructional video and have 4 scouts and their families volunteer to build the actual boxes form kits he will provide and then pick up the finished items. Mr. Burton, Mr. Eggleston and myself made a few suggestions to improve his project work book. Since his 18th birthday is mid June, all suggested he ask for the extension till Sept. 30 due to the covid virus. Project was approved.

At this point, the regular meeting started, financials were not read as there was no change from the previous month and Maureen then read the previous committee meeting minutes (April). They were accepted and most of them have some amendments/updates which will be highlighted below.

1a. latest news about summer camp, program, social distancing & sanitation parameters, July vs. August vs. autumn, Wah-Tut-Ca vs. base camps in Milton and Saugus,
As of last week, first week of summer camp at Wah-Tut-Ca has been cancelled, highly probabl all of July including our week 4 will be, even if August can be held, it would expand from 2 to 3-4 weeks depending on demand, social distancing would include using own tents, no dining hall, small groups only, large troops/groups would have to be broken up into patrols, each in their own area. See email with the changes council has made so far, multi-modal camp, patrol kit boxes, 2 weekends at base camp (either Milton or Saugus), online classes and merit badges, one great adventure (kayak or rock climbing,etc.) All activities would have to follow state and local health department protocols. None of which have been received as of yet. State requirements are 14 straight days of declining cases (Weds, May 6th, cases in MA went up, so the state started its countdown over), camps have to have 30 straight days. Med forms in NH are only good for 12 months and require a doctor's signature, In MA, they do last 18 months but all forms are supposed to be the latest one that came out the end of last year. council trying to get the doctor's signature waived for this year so the council is trying (remember cub day camp at St. Paul's in Chelmsford is August). Because of all this, and the restrictions that both Mr. Loeffler and myself have as the adult accompaniment , the committee voted to suspend going to a summer camp this year. I returned the Levenson deposit yesterday and Mr. Eggleston was directed to give back Andrew Tice's deposit. Mr. Eggleston will contact the council to get our $200.00 deposit returned (it may have to stay as a credit for the moment). Check out the council's link on Covid cancellations, etc.

2. camper ship monies increased
Because of the pandemic and the economic hardships, councikl increased the number of scholarships available, moot point for out troop.
3. latest about health forms, changes, state & local health board rules
See above comments in 1a.
4. BSA instructions for virtual camp outs
I will send a separate email with these instructions to the scouts (have done once already)
5. temporary rank requirement changes
There was a shared screen of this with the power point presentation from last week's round table. A lot of activities and rank requirements can be done virtually or at home. Exceptions are some merit badges and service projects, cancelled events do count as service time for rank advancements, i.e. spring camporee though cancelled would count towards a camping night requirement. I will email separately this PPT.
6. eagle rank & service project extension changes
The covid virus has required some changes to this. It is why we let Joe LaRosa know that he should do this. I have already sent out an email with this and the links are also part of the PPT above that will be sent. Reminder that once your scout (Joe, Nick) turns 18 they must fill out an adult registration form and complete Youth Protection Training online at the natonal website.
7. online opportunities for MB's and other activities
Scouts have already been sent the link a couple of times, online classes and merit badges that can be signed up for every Friday morning for teh following week, there are also guest speakers every M-F and you tube intructional videos.
8. virtual troop meetings
The troop has had 3 so far with about 3-5 scouts in attendence each time, mostly just annoucements but SPL Matt held a virtual hike for part of the Cascades trail in Oregon, last week we were to do a virtual museum tourbut there were connection issues. I shared a screen with a number of suggested patrol and troop virtual activities. Our SPL's have this. I will send a separate email with this for all to peruse and make suggestions to our SPL's, perhaps an adult could host one for a virtual troop meeting.
9. Rockport Island camp out
More than likely this will be cancelled.
10. May 18th and phased state opening, equipment stuck at Elks
Self-explanatory, cannot do anything until the state lifts or modifies restrictions.
11. friends of scouting
The presentation for this would have been during our March court of honor. Monies donated go towards the council camps for upkeep and programs. If you can donate, please do so. I will re-send a separate email that came to everyone from the council a while back. For some more info about what the money is used for see this link.
12. cyber chip, med forms,spark plug
A pdf version of the cyber chip has been sent to the scouts separately a couple of times but I have only received it back from Dave Levenson and Andrew Tice. All scouts should be filling this out every year. All it takes is a signature, I will send again, please be sure to have your scouts print it out, sign it and return to me either by scanning and emailing or put it in my mail box (26 Briarwood Avenue). The medical form pars A & B needs to be filled out for all scouts also as it is new this year. I only have 2 so far, from Evan K. and Connor Rich. Any adult who will be going to an overnight activity should also fill it out. I will send it again along with the epi pen release form. A spark plug nominee has been suggested so I have completed the nomination form and will send it in to the WWD awards committee. The dinner wher this is handed out has been postponed from April to TBD, so...

13. Life service project & Nick G.
Good news, per request of Marliese Henderson from Hike Billerica, Nick G. replaced the Jones Forest sign that had disappeared over the winter (part of an Eagle project by former T30 scout, Gary Newcomb, Jr.) to complete his life service project. I shared some of the pics I received from Nick that morning on the screen. Yesterday, Nick and I were interviewed by a reporter form the Billerica Minuteman about the project per a request by Ms. Henderson.
14. Upcoming online presentations
Let the committee members know about a scout book training class that was being held Thurdsday, May 14th, I had sent a separate email to a few of the members about it. I listened to some of it and took a few notes that I will send to Mr. Burton as he is our advancement chair. There was also a national scout presentation last night for scout leaders and SPL's on holding virtual meetings and activities. They should be sending a recording of that to me that i can listen to at some point. I did let our SPL's know about that.
15. Membership cards & recharter, annual for 2020,
YPT Now that our charter has been posted, I can see when everyone needs to redo their Youth Protection training, Mr. Loeffler was the only adult who had expired and will be redoing it, Mr. Liberatore was due to expire at the end of May but has already redone it, everyone else is not until the end of August but Ms. Tobey has already done hers also. I have printed out the recharter certificate and can present it to the Elks once we can go there again. Membership cards can now also be printed out by anyone (contains your national ID number needed for training among other things, number never changes so an old card has it too) and I have sent an email with instructions. I will also print them out and present them the next time we can meet.

Please let me know if I missed anything.
Yours in scouting,
Ted Wicks T30 SM & UC

(See original email for phone number.)

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